Veterinary Practice Talks

CAM offers practice talks, from educational ‘lunch and learns’ for the whole practice team, to empowering talks of how to set up your own OA clinic in-house or externally.

CAM director and founder Hannah Capon MA Vet MB MRCVS is based in Brighton, and it was in the course of her work there that she noticed the excellent pain control offered by combining pharmaceutical and complementary therapy. She believes that owners could manage the condition much better if they had a better understanding of what arthritis is.

Six key areas that are being neglected in management are:

  • helping the public be able to identify the signs of chronic pain in their dog
  • helping vets identify chronic pain in a dog in the stressful environment of the consult room- educating owners
  • regarding the actual disease and what their role in managing it is
  • advising more accurately regarding exercising a dog with arthritis
  • the dangers within the home
  • time with the owner to explain what is a very complicated disease which has complicated management plans

Human arthritis knowledge and treatment has progressed massively in recent years. CAM aims to follow.

Please contact us for further details and to find out more about how we can support your practice with our insightful training and knowledge.