Home Consultations

A busy vet practice is often not the best place to judge a dog’s typical behaviour and mobility. Our home service can observe your dog in their own calm environment where they will behave normally, offering the time needed to acquire the information needed to identify the dogs chronic pain indicators, and construct a suitable holistic management plan.

As an owner, your input, from identifying that your dog is suffering, to controlling their weight, modifying their exercise patterns, and adapting their home to reduce hazards and injuries, is critical. CAM aims to help and encourage owners to play a greater role in managing their dog’s condition to get the best long-term results. That’s why all treatments start with a home visit.

A CAM home consultation typically includes:

  • Introduction about Canine Arthritis Management and what the service provides
  • Discussion regarding acute vs chronic pain and why it is hard to identify, monitor and treat
  • A thorough questionnaire regarding all aspects of your dog’s life
  • Body condition scoring
  • Diets, feeding techniques and supplements
  • Mobility and posture assessment
  • Improvement indicator chart
  • House and garden assessment with suggested changes
  • Introduction to how drugs work, how to give them and side-effects to be aware of and avoid
  • Introduction to myotherapy and how it works
  • Treatment session
  • Exercise advice
  • Any further questions

You will be given a consent form to have signed by your vet before the first home visit and manual therapy.