Hands on Therapy

CAM founder and small animal veterinarian Hannah Capon and our other CAM therapists incorporate Galen Myotherapy, when appropriate, into their tailored treatment plans. This specialised manual therapy uses targeted massage techniques to effectively manage the chronic muscular pain that is caused by arthritis. It incorporates a thorough examination of the whole dog, and improves their overall well being through gentle manipulation.

The terms massage, manual therapy and myotherapy are often used interchangeably. Galen Myotherapy is a manual technique with a hands-on approach, and it is a form of massage. However, the practitioner also has specialist training in identifying the problematic regions through observing the dog standing and moving, and questioning the owner. Training in the treatment involves a thorough understanding of the muscular system, it’s function and role, so that your dog’s compensatory (and often painful) muscular adaptations can be ‘unravelled’ and treated.

Hannah encourages owners to learn basic techniques for themselves so they can continue the treatment in between sessions.