CAM team

Hannah Capon

Hannah Capon
MA Vet MB MRCVS, CAM Founder

Hannah has been a qualified first opinion small animal vet for 15 years. She is the founder of CAM which started off as a small one on one vet with owner external service in 2013. She had noted that there was a disproportion of dogs being euthanased for poorly managed arthritis and felt that this chronic disease needed to be managed differently. After a succession of euthanasias of dogs that had gone off their back legs, she felt compelled to initiate CAM online and help owners through an online platform as she had noted there was a lack of consistent reliable no commitment to buy resources for owners of dogs with arthritis to turn to. Hannah continues to work as a vet as well as expand her one on one service. Her other full time job is looking after the star of the show Holly her 14 years old Collie who suffers from lumbosacral disease. 

Gwen Covey-Crump

Gwen has been a vet for 16 years and, after 3 years in general practice, went off to train as a specialist in veterinary anaesthesia and pain management. Over the last 5 years she has concentrated her efforts into setting up a chronic pain clinic at the veterinary referral centre where she works. Vets can refer complex cases for her expert opinion on how to manage pain in dogs and cats. She uses medication and acupuncture and works alongside 2 physiotherapists and a hydrotherapist to provide a truly holistic service which includes lots of advice to the pet owners on how to improve their pets condition through their own efforts. Through this experience Gwen has come to realise just how much need exists for an increased awareness about chronic pain, both vets and the pet owning public need more information to help manage the debilitating and life-shortening disease that is arthritis.

Daisy Tipping

Daisy Tipping

Daisy has recently joined the team working as Hannah’s PA after being a full time mum to 3 year old daughter Poppy. Prior to this Daisy worked at the Arundel Equine Hospital for 12 years where she originally started working as an equine nurse but then moved into the office as a reception and was promoted to reception manager. Her role then changed again when she was asked to run the clinic and liase with the clients and deal with the inpatient paperwork and also set up and run the closed pharmacy within the practice. During her time being a mummy Daisy did some part time work for the Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust and also administration for Sussex Animal Acupuncture. 

Kirsty Cavill

Kirsty Cavill
Registered Veterinary Nurse

Kirsty qualified as a veterinary nurse in 1991 and has worked in various disciplines including small animal, mixed practice and exotics. Kirsty is our go-to person for all things social media. In 2016 she graduated with an honors degree in Natural and Environmental Science and has a keen interest in all aspects of the natural world. Kirsty is currently working towards the Galen Myotherapy Diploma. She has a longstanding interest in incorporating rehabilitation, especially of senior dogs, into general practice.

A proud mum of three boys and the devoted owner of Sam the Golden Retriever that features through out CAM posts. Kirsty is currently loving life in Devon and while not working on CAM projects or working in practice she volunteers on the Discovery and Learning team at Dartmoor Zoological Park. 

Luisa Greig

Luisa Greig
BSc Equine Science, MSc Animal Manipulation, Registered Galen Canine Myotherapist

Luisa qualified as a McTimoney Animal Therapist in 2011, then later as a Galen Canine Myotherapist in 2013. Prior to this, she gained experience as a veterinary nursing assistant in small animal practice, and at a large canine hydrotherapy and rehabilitation referral centre in Guildford.

Patients with arthritis, chronic pain, mobility and postural issues form a large part of Luisa’s current West Sussex based practice. Educating, supporting and assisting owners in managing their arthritic dogs is key to the job. The home environment, exercise, pain indicators, other therapies, and lifestyle advice are all considered. She is a keen advocate of a multi modal team approach, and dedicated to improving her knowledge and skills.

She is mum to two Alaskan Malumutes, one of which is arthritic himself, and two Canadian Eskimo Dogs, who are raced during the winter season at various rallies across the country.

Lynsey Tindall

Lynsey Tindall

Lynsey qualified as a Veterinary Nurse in 2001 and gained the RCVS diploma in Advanced Veterinary Nursing (Medical) in 2008. She works in practice in Brighton, in a busy first opinion, referral and emergency clinic. Lynsey is currently working towards the Galen Myotherapy Diploma and will be working with Hannah as a CAM therapist once she has achieved this. She lives in West Sussex with her husband, two children, cat, crazy dog and five chickens. Mabel the dog is a Flat Coated Retriever cross, who is a beautiful family dog and a sandwich short of a picnic!


Kerrie Oakley
RVN and Veterinary Physiotherapist

Kerrie qualified as a Veterinary Nurse in 2004 where she worked in various disciplines from domestic animal, livestock and Orthopaedics. In 2007 Kerrie made the transition into teaching and trained Veterinary Nurses, Animal Management and Agriculture students while gaining a teaching Qualification.

In 2012 Kerrie decided that she needed to go back to practice but in a different capacity so embarked on a Veterinary Physiotherapy course which lead her to qualifying in 2014. Since then Kerrie has been running a mobile Veterinary Physiotherapy company across Sussex, Surrey and parts of Kent and Hampshire while also helping out as a night nurse/Veterinary Physio at Anderson Abercromby Veterinary Referrals in Surrey.

Shona Fernyhough

Shona Fernyhough

Following graduation in 2001 Shona worked in general mixed practice for 6 years. During this time she developed a particular interest in pain management, which led her to undertake postgraduate training in veterinary acupuncture with the ABVA (Association of British Veterinary Acupuncturists) in 2006. In 2007 Shona left general practice to focus her time and clinical skills towards supporting patients, owners and veterinary colleagues in chronic pain management. She set up her own practice in Devon working with clinical pain assessment, acupuncture, home environment assessment, nutrition and stress and exercise management.

Shona really enjoys working with geriatric patients, and also patients recovering from injury. She has a particular passion for supporting and empowering owners in adjusting to life with an ageing or otherwise less mobile companion, and also in raising awareness within the public and veterinary profession around the importance of a multimodal treatment approach for chronic pain.

Shona loves being mum to her 17 year old daughter, and taking every opportunity for outdoor adventures with her family.

Currently in between having a dog at home, she spends time with her 8 year old cat and young tortoise.

Romny Cristopher

Romny Cristopher
UI/UX designer & Front-end developer

Romny is a UI/UX designer and Front-end developer who joined the team working as support for the CAM web environment. He lives in the center of the Caribbean, in Dominican Republic, where the summer always lives. A car lover that uses his free time to discover new places in the city and conquer dungeons on the internet.


Jennifer Kew
NVQ level 3 in Business and Administration

Jen is our Veterinary Team Coordinator and is always busy behind the scenes to keep CAM running. Having worked as a senior administrator in in a variety of industries, Jen turned her attention to the canine world and is now studying to be a Clinical Animal Behaviourist. When not working, Jen spends much of her time with her four-legged best friend and is devoted to raising awareness of arthritis after her boy developed Spondylosis at just 5 years old. Having been a keen user of the CAM Foundation forum, Jen has first hand experience as a pet owner of arthritis and the difficulty of getting a diagnosis and putting together a multi-modal care plan.

Carly Nairn

Carly Nairn
Registered Veterinary Nurse

She has been a Registered Veterinary Nurse for 13 years, head nurse for 9 years and actually in practice for 17 years! She has worked in mixed and small animal practice in South Devon and have done every bit of nursing you could imagine. In the last 6 months she instigated the use of Laser therapy in practice and have seen amazing results not only for things like wound healing but mainly in arthritis, her patients have shown different degrees of improvement but actually seeing the change in them has been amazing.

She is currently in the process of moving her career into the rehabilitation route and she’s going to do hydrotherapy and physiotherapy as well as keeping up with her laser therapy.

In her spare time she is a fundraiser for Galgos del Sol a charity in Spain who rescue and treat Galgos and before that she fundraised for Greyhound rescue in the UK.

Kim Rufus

Kim Rufus
Registered Veterinary Nurse​

Kim is qualified as a Veterinary Nurse back in 1998 and overall she has been in general small animal practice some 25 years gaining lots of experience along the way.

Dogs have always fascinated her (her earliest memory is feeding her family dog, Coal, from her high chair) and she has had the closest bonds with all of them in her life including clients. She holds several interests including canine behaviour obtaining a Diploma in dog psychology and a Diploma in dog training. Other subjects she finds interesting is clinical nutrition (diet plays an overall important factor in health) and oncology after a recent diagnosis with her lad, Mak.

She held an interest and believe in complimentary and holistic therapies and how these can be integrated into Veterinary practices. With this is mind she undertook a two year course to train and learn canine massage therapy used to rehabilitate soft tissue injuries and support Orthopaedic issues such as Hip Dysplasia. This is still a fairly new form of treatment in the Veterinary world so it is slow progress however it is under estimated especially as a tool for pain management alongside hydrotherapy or physiotherapy. She passed her exams after extensive study and she can proudly say she is a Clinical Canine Massage Therapist owning and running her own business, Macoby Canine Massage Therapy and a full member of the Canine Massage Guild.

She feels that senior care is often over looked and there is a lot more that can be done to help especially Arthritic patients alongside conventional medicine. Since being a massage therapist she has developed an understanding of pain management and the various modalities that can help, that’s when she discovered CAM and she knew she wanted to be involved.

Melanie Bruder

Melanie Bruder
Occupational Therapist and Small Animal Physiotherapist, DipCOT, PostGrad Cert(Dist), HPC, IRVAP

Mel has worked in the NHS for over 25 years, mainly in the field of acute paediatrics and heads a small team at Derbyshire Children’s Hospital. Her areas of specialism include paediatic rheumatology, paediatric hands and chronic pain management. Mel has a further degree in systemic family therapy

In 2014 Mel qualified from Nottingham University School of Veterinary Medicine and Science as a small animal physiotherapist, having undertaken her practical training with Barbara Houlden at K9 Hydro services, and Helen Fentem-Jones at Dick White Referrals.

Mel now has her own business, Phoenix Veterinary Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, providing a mobile physio service, and a specialist veterinary splint making service. Mel is passionate about providing a service where therapeutic handling is at the centre of therapy. She enjoys working holistically with owners to maximize the functional abilities and quality of life for her patients and their owners.

Mel has 5 badly behaved Basset Hounds, all over the age of 11 and a variety of other creatures sharing her home! She is a closet rabbit  lover , and has an opinionated 10 year old house rabbit called Dillon! Her vet friends believe this to be a sign of insanity!

Sarah Campbell

Sarah qualified as a veterinary surgeon in 2012 and since then has been working in small animal general practice. Even before the discovery of CAM her main interest was in chronic pain management and trying to make sure the oldies get the best care possible. 

 She is a big believer in the complementary therapies and regularly refers arthritic patients for physiotherapy and hydrotherapy before altering their medication. She especially enjoys the challanges of managing arthritic patients with concurrent diseases after her own arthritic dog developed kidney failure. She is also looking to expand the treatments she can offer and to do an acupuncture course. 
In her spare time she can mostly be found training or walking her border collies. Failing that she will be at agility or flyball competitions or enjoying a nice dinner out with her partner Will!

Carolyn Barber

Carolyn first met Hannah in the consult room after her dog Angus had a seizure and was walking very gingerly. With a previous diagnosis of Arthritis, Hannah began treating Angus using Galen Myotherapy and after his very first session, there was a huge difference in his mobility. As an owner, Carolyn knows the importance of implementing a multi modal approach to support Angus and to give him the best care using a variety of techniques and specialisms.
Having joined CAM from the very beginning and now working as the CAM Media Coordinator, Carolyn manages our media libraries and is always on the look out for images of your dogs who fancy being a CAM Model!

Lisa Webb

Lisa Webb
Certified Companion Animal Behaviourist MA (Oxon) DipCABT (COAPE) RQF Level 6

Lisa is a COAPE Certified Companion Animal Behaviourist and holds the Centre of Applied Pet Ethology Level 6 (BSc standard) Higher Diploma in Applied Clinical Pharmacology, Neurophysiology and Therapeutics in Companion Animal Behaviour. She has over 10 years experience in animal behaviour and training and runs her behaviour practice, Canine Thinking, in and around her home county of Cheshire. Lisa works with both private clients and national and international animal rescue organisations on rehabilitation, training and behaviour cases. She also provides volunteer and staff training for rescue organisations, gives talks and lectures, and carries out dog behaviour assessments for rescue intake and rehoming, child adoption applications and for court cases.

Lisa see dogs (and cats!) of all breeds, ages, shapes and sizes in her practice but has a particular specialism in sighthounds; work which often takes her up and down the country as well as sometimes overseas. Greyhounds in particular can be prone to carrying injuries and developing musculoskeletal problems, given the stresses and strains of life on the track. Over the years, Lisa has worked with (and frequently fostered!) hundreds of dogs with a whole mixture of behavioural and physical rehabilitation needs, all of whom have played their special parts in educating her about the very important and often underestimated relationship between pain, illness and behaviour. She is passionate about helping her clients and their vets identify areas where pain or discomfort is affecting behaviour and in addition to addressing the behaviour difficulties themselves, often works as part of a multi-approach team to develop appropriate activities and enrichment to support injury rehabilitation and the management of chronic disease.

Lisa has a special interest in older dogs and the onset of Canine Cognitive Dysfunction, the symptoms for which are often confused with pain and other illnesses, or are simply attributed to ‘getting old’. Lisa’s first greyhound boy, a gentle giant called Jack, had severe lumbosacral disease and developed CCD at a relatively young age. For Lisa, Jack’s very great legacy is for her to be able to help other families find ways to make their treasured pet’s older years some of the most rewarding and fulfilling ones.

Lisa’s current two hounds are Daylah Doodlebug (otherwise known as the mighty stripey) and Huey Higglebottom (the norty pupster) 😊!

Having joined CAM from the very beginning and now working as the CAM Media Coordinator, Carolyn manages our media libraries and is always on the look out for images of your dogs who fancy being a CAM Model!