What is Arthritis?

Learn about what arthritis is, how to identify it in your dog and what the long term outlook is with our expert advice and knowledge pages. If you’re not sure whether your dog has arthritis or not, or if you want to find out more about what arthritis is and how it will affect your dog, this is the place to start.

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We believe that changing owner, vet and public perception of how to diagnose and treat chronic pain in animals will lead to improved lives for animals and their owners

Managing Arthritis

If you’ve recently discovered that your dog has arthritis, or your current treatment plan doesn’t seem to be working, take a look at our wealth of information on managing the disease.

We’ve developed lots of resources to help you best manage your pets disease, including our treatment pyramid which aims to illustrate the order in which different treatment options should be used. You might be surprised to find out how small and simple changes can make such a big difference!

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How CAM Can Help

CAM’s mission is to improve and extend lives for dogs suffering from arthritis, and we’ve developed a range of services to help us achieve this. Focused mainly on education and awareness, we aim to provide dog owners and vets with the knowledge and insight you need to effectively treat and manage canine arthritis.

For dog owners we offer home consultations, manual therapy, free downloads and resources and educational talks – and we’re also delivering interesting and informative talks to veterinary professionals, too.

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Case Studies

Don't just take our word for it - why not take a look at some of our success stories? See for yourself how by making simple changes and watching out for common signs, you could help your dog to live a longer and happier life. 

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4 hours ago

Canine Arthritis Management

Well CAM followers.... it’s been a busy week for us ... and we loved every minute of it!!

It kicked off at the Canine Hydrotherapy Associations annual congress on Sunday, where we got to meet some really dedicated passionate and motivated souls!!! It was such a buzzy friendly atmosphere, and we would definitely love to attend again!! Thank you for supporting CAM through purchasing our booklets and products!

Then yesterday at Langford Vets at the University of Bristol, talking about the importance of environmental adaptions and how to set up a successful OA clinic!!
Again such great feedback from the Vets and nurses present!!

But what was amazing was that I finally met two team colleagues that work voluntarily for CAM... yes I had never met but they have been working behind the scenes for months.
CAM has grown into a unique service manned by volunteers around the globe that chat, create, share ideas, develop strategies, by email, messenger, WhatsApp and Slack....

How has this happened? 28 veterinary professionals together working harmoniously!! The love of dogs!

Please get in touch if you are looking for CPD, practice talks, public lectures .... let’s see what we can achieve together!!!

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Following on from our previous posts on our #therapythursdays threads, check out June's latest video, standing stretch. Therapeutic exercises are beneficial for our dogs suffering from arthritis.

Please note that while we encourage you to utilize these exercises, we would always recommend that you consult your vet or a therapist prior to introducing.youtube.com
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“When I had my knees done they gave me physio to do afterwards to help my recovery. They were really simple exercises but they improved my knees by a good 80%”

This great gentleman knows firsthand how important rehab/ physio is to recover from
Joint surgeries... he continues to do those exercises now to maintain his knees otherwise they stiffen up!!

When you think of it like that.... it’s logical!
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Following on from our previous posts on our #therapythursdays threads, check out June's latest video, standing stretch. Therapeutic exercises are beneficial for our dogs suffering from arthritis.... https://t.co/ELOp2kigKy

Older dogs can loose their appetite for lots of reasons and it’s important to do what you can to keep them eating and keep their energy levels up, just like Jaffas owners have. If you’re worried about your dogs appetite it’s worth getting them checked by a vet.

A big shout out to all the owners of #seniordogs out there. These special pets need a lot of extra TLC and who would want to deny them it after years of loyaty and love. Tell us how you like to treat your little senior citizen with a comment below for a retweet. #dogsoftwitter

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Not JUST getting old. Getting old GREAT!!!
People often believe their dog is slowing down because it is getting old and it is a simple part of the ageing process.
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In Silence
Nobody should suffer in silence. 80% of dogs over 8 years old have arthritis, which is a major cause of elective euthanasia.
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Holly's Story
Holly's Story is about an owner's unwillingness to believe her dogs age should decide her fate after discovering she had liver cancer. She survived!

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