What is Arthritis?

Learn about what arthritis is, how to identify it in your dog and what the long term outlook is with our expert advice and knowledge pages. If you’re not sure whether your dog has arthritis or not, or if you want to find out more about what arthritis is and how it will affect your dog, this is the place to start.

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We believe that changing owner, vet and public perception of how to diagnose and treat chronic pain in animals will lead to improved lives for animals and their owners

We are proud to have the approval of the IVAPM and have a strategic alliance with them.

Managing Arthritis

If you’ve recently discovered that your dog has arthritis, or your current treatment plan doesn’t seem to be working, take a look at our wealth of information on managing the disease.

We’ve developed lots of resources to help you best manage your pets disease, including our treatment pyramid which aims to illustrate the order in which different treatment options should be used. You might be surprised to find out how small and simple changes can make such a big difference!

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How CAM Can Help

CAM’s mission is to improve and extend lives for dogs suffering from arthritis, and we’ve developed a range of services to help us achieve this. Focused mainly on education and awareness, we aim to provide dog owners and vets with the knowledge and insight you need to effectively treat and manage canine arthritis.

For dog owners we offer home consultations, manual therapy, free downloads and resources and educational talks – and we’re also delivering interesting and informative talks to veterinary professionals, too.

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Case Studies

Don't just take our word for it - why not take a look at some of our success stories? See for yourself how by making simple changes and watching out for common signs, you could help your dog to live a longer and happier life. 

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CAM Products

For orders please contact [email protected]

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Veterinary CPD

CAM offers practice talks for the whole practice team, with the intention of empowering all practice staff to be involved with setting up the “OA A team”. After these inciteful motivating lectures CAM aims to help you have your OA clinic up and running in-house or externally within days!

The practice will have the option of using CAM client resources, designed to enable a practice to get an OA clinic up, running and successful immediately after the training.

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If you have a question or want to interact with our community, you could join to our forum and be part of the conversation!


We are honored to be nominated for some wonderful awards this year.

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Join Holly's Army

I am recruiting my own army! Dogs of the world unite! Join me in the fight against arthritis, together we will have #yourdogmoreyears! 

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3 hours ago

Canine Arthritis Management


I might be biased.... but I love these leads...
Great quality and LOUD

It always grabs peoples attention when we are out.

It gives them a heads up that my dog is walking slowly, she doesn't have a great gait, she may be a bit slow to get up....
but that I AM ON IT.

There is nothing worse than feeling you have to justify yourself. You feel you ned to wear a t-shirt stating everything you are doing to help your much loved dog have a good quality of life.

Well this could be answer... it states bold as brass... that you know, and yes its under control thank you!!!

please email [email protected]

we do supply in bulk to practices and rehab centres so please get your orders in!!
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5 hours ago

Canine Arthritis Management

Now we here at CAM love to give our amazing followers a chance to win some amazing goodies!

Check out our latest competition! LIFT 'EM UP


Available for front and rear - so if you’re the lucky winner you can choose which one suits your dog the best!

These harnesses are great because not only are they made from a breathable and flexible neoprene material, they also have Adjustable support straps, Comfort grip handle, Strong buckles ensure a secure fit, Velcro® strips for extra strength and Large leg holes for added comfort!

These are also suitable for for both male and female dogs!

To be in with a chance of winning one please post a picture below of your dog and tell us how this harness could change theirs and your life!

Competition closes on 31st July 2018 - so get posting!!
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DAY 17

Its isn't just about making the home safe... its about making it FUN.

Arthritis can really affect a dogs mobility. It can leave them lying down for long periods of time which isn't great for stiff joints, and weakening muscle mass!

Simple enrichment toys and games NEED to be part of the management plan... and guess what... after the initial outlay.... it's FREE... yes FREE

Snuffle mats have been around for a while now and are great ways of keeping your canine friend entertained as well as encouraging low impact movement.

This month CAM is offering 20% off their snuffle mats.... YES 20%

Large £25.60 plus p&p
Medium £20 plus p&p
Small £12 plus p&p

Please support CAM. These sales provide much needed funds to keep this service going!!

email [email protected]
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Remember, walks don’t have to be long but they have to be fun! Try going to new areas with new sights and smells or go walking with friends. Plan rest periods during walk time so your dog doesn’t tire out too much. #dogs #arthritis

#ArthritisTopTip : Small changes can make a big difference - improve posture when eating and make it more comfortable by raising the food bowl. #itsmyhometoo

Episode 22 of the Veterinary Rehabilitation takes a close look at making life easier for the caretakers of paralyzed dogs
@onlinepethealth #martidrum

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Nobody should suffer in silence. 80% of dogs over 8 years old have arthritis, which is a major cause of elective euthanasia.
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